Eastern Commodity Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Established 2006.
Eastern Commodity, under the banner of Eastern Group of Companies, having branch offices in Karachi and Dubai, and a wide network of first class partners worldwide, are actively involved in trading of various industrial and food commodities. By virtue of our strong network and connections, we endeavor and succeed in keeping our customers satisfied with quality and competitive pricing.

Being a shipping and logistic based group we seek the most efficient and economical ways of transportation, delivering commodities at quickest time possible using all means necessary including rail and road systems, ocean-going routes, and others.

We provide flexible payment terms taking into account customers' individual needs & constraints. Our trading division deals with:

Pakistan produces about 6 million tons of rice including 1 million ton of finest quality Basmati rice, about 4 million tons of non basmati rice (IRRI-6, IRRI-9, PK 386, etc) is being exported to Africa, Far East, and some to the Middle East. About 0.5 Million tons of Basmati rice (Super Kernel (Punjab), Super Kernel (Sindh) D-98, Pk 385) being
exported to Middle east, Gulf, Europe and U.S.A.
Pakistan produces a variety of spices, many of which are inherent while some are being imported.
Pakistan produces 20-23 million tons of Red Hard Winter Wheat. Local consumption is about 21 million tons & exports balance quantity if surplus wheat available.
Pakistan is rich in cement raw material. Pakistan cement industries are over 20 years old and is one of the major industries of Pakistan. The Cement industry has captured export markets of various GCC and African countries which are new markets for the country other than the conventional export markets of Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2009 Pakistan was ranked 5th in the world's cement exports.

We export Ordinary Portland Grey Cement, Grade 42.5 conforming to following standards:

  • ASTM C-150.
  • Pakistan Specification: PS-232-2008
  • BRITISH Specification: BSS 12/1996
  • AMERICAN Specification(R) Grade 42.5N
  • EUROPEAN Specification: DIN EN 197-1

    There are more than 300 varieties of dates produced in Pakistan.
    Out of these large number of varieties, Begam Jangi of Balochistan,
    Aseel of Sindh and Dhakki of Dera Ismail Khan are the varieties
    which are much sought after the world over due to their exotic
    a fossil fuel, is the largest source of energy for the the generation of electricity worldwide as well as one of the largest worldwide anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide releases. Gross carbon dioxide emissions from coal usage are slightly more than those from petroleum and about double the amount from natural gas. Coal is extracted from the ground by mining, either underground by shaft mining through the seams or in open pits.

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