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Multiport is a worldwide network of independent ship agents which is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality and professionalism in delivering agency services to the shipping industry. Multiport exists to promote co-operation between Member ship agents providing a worldwide network of top quality companies. Agents collaborate to their mutual benefit and to raising standards of professionalism in the agency business. Eastern Group is the proud member of Multiport Ship Agencies Network in Pakistan.

  • Multiport Values:
Membership of Multiport is a calling card - a stamp of guaranteed professionalism. Multiport is a global group representing only independent business partners who can demonstrate their integrity, quality and professionalism. Multiport promotes individual members through the strength of its reputation and image.

By restricting membership to one per country and subjecting all potential and existing members to independent annual financial checks, Multiport has gained a reputation for self-discipline and quality.

Multiport believes that ship agency is first and foremost a local business which relies on home grown expertise and is dedicated to providing excellence at local level together with excellence in hub management.

  • Managing Ship Agency Issues, Especially Service Quality:
Multiport members meet twice a year in the shipping centres of the world.

The Multiport meetings are an information exchange Forum with actual business cases. A customer reception is hosted to meet existing and new customers.

  • Multiport Expertise in Specialist Areas:
Multiport has knowledge and expertise in any region or port in the world. Its members deal with any and all type of cargoes, vessels and port requirements.

Your inquiry will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Your Multiport member will assist you to his maximum.

Multiport understands that the needs of one type of operation are specialised and unique from one another:

››  Carrying highly sensitive cargo.

››  Special responsibility under local laws.

››  Integration of certain vessels with other intermodal transport systems.

››  Assistance with offshore logistics, crew changes, spare parts, repairs, bunkers etc.

››  Arranging bunkers, chandling, full liner services, inland haulage and distribution,
    shore tours, warehousing etc.

For further details please visit Multiport website:

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