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Karachi Port Geographical Location:

Pakistan has 3 (three) main ports i.e. Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Port Qasim (PQA) and Gwadar Port. Details are as under :-

Karachi Port due to its geographical and strategic location is known as the gateway to Asia. Karachi Port Trust (KPT) is situated in the city of Karachi and has divided in 2 different wharves i.e. East Wharf and West Wharf. KPT has total 30 Berths along with 3 Oil Pier Berths & 2 Container Terminals i.e. (PICT) Pakistan International Container Terminal at East Wharf & (KICT) Karachi International Container Terminal at West Wharf.

Details of Berths
Karachi port has 21 Conventional Berths i.e. Berth No.1-5, 10-17 at East Wharf and Berth No.18-25 at West Wharf. Berth No.6-9 are alloted to PICT and Berth No.26-30 are alloted to KICT.

Berths at East Wharf
Berth Number Draft Remarks
01 to 03 10.70 M Conventional Berth
04 to 05 10.75 M Conventional Berth
06 to 09 12.00 M Alloted to PICT
10 to 11 11.00 M Conventional Berth
12 to 17 10.00 M Conventional Berth

Berths at West Wharf
18 to 21 09.50 M Conventional Berth
22 to 23 07.50 M Conventional Berth
24 to 25 10.00 M Conventional Berth
26 to 30 12.50 M Alloted to KICT

OIL Pier Berths at East Wharf
OP-1 to OP-3 11.90 M 3 OIL PIER Berths

  • No restricton for LOA / Beam.
  • Karachi port is gearless port.
  • Night navigation is allowed at Karachi port.
  • Port/Stevedores working in two shifts round the clock including Sunday/Holiday
    with Over Time

  • New deep water Container Terminal is going to built by M/S. Hutchison Group
    at Karachi Port and maximum permissible draft will be 18 Meters.

  • For further details about Karachi port trust and Terminals at Karachi port,
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Port Qasim is 2nd deep sea industrial-cum-commercial port, The Port is situated in Indus delta region at a distance of 28 nautical miles in the south-east of Karachi. PQA is the most eco-friendly port and is geographically located on the trade route of Arabian Gulf. The port currently caters for more than 40% of seaborne trade requirements of the country.

Details of Berths:
Port Qasim has 8 berths in which 3 Oil Pier berths for Oil Tankers and Berth # 1 to 4 are conventional berths and from Berth # 5 to 7 are allotted to (QICT) Qasim International Container Terminal.

Draft & Dimensions at Port
Berths/Terminals Draft (M) Beam (M) LOA (M)
Berth No.1 10.00 33.00 185.00
Berth No.2, 3 10.00 33.00 225.00
Berth No.4 10.50 33.00 225.00
FOTCO Oil Terminal 11.00 41.50 245.00
Engro Chemical Terminal 11.00 33.00 225.00
Iron Ore & Coal Berth 11.00 40.00 230.00
PROGAS LPG Terminal 6.00 33.00 163.00
Liquid Cargo Terminal 9.00 33.00 185.00
Berth NO.7 at QICT 12.00 43.50 280.00
Berth No.5,6,7 at QICT 12.00 41.00 305.00

Gwadar, on the southwestern coast of Pakistan, is well located to serve the burgeoning national economy and is slated to be an important gateway to the Central Asia region. It is connected to the hinterlands in Pakistan and the Central Asia region via a network of roads and highways.

Gwadar Port is strategically situated in the western province of Balochistan, just outside the Straits of Hormuz and near the key shipping routes passing through the Persian Gulf. It is an emerging transhipment hub for the Gulf Region as well as for the Europe and Far East service routes. It is capable of handling both
conventional and containerised cargo, and its 14.5 metres depth alongside is the deepest among all the berths in Pakistan.

Current Port Infrastructure:
  • 3 Multipurpose berths, each 200 Meters long.
  • 1 Service berth, 100 Meter.
  • 4.5 KM long approach channel dredged to 13.5m - 14.5m
  • Turning basin 500 m dia.
  • Terminal infrastructure, cargo handling equipment, pilot boats, tugs, survey
    vessels etc. Port can handle 50,000 DWT vessels.

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